software will not uninstall

  ronec 23:28 26 Jul 06

After changing to XP home, I installed my paralell port Epson printer, but Status Monitor 2 did not work properly. I downloaded up to date drivers etc. I uninstalled printer driver in 'control panel'. When I tried to uninstall 'status monitor' I got first a wizard box stating 'setting up instalation', then a message saying, 'cannot install status monitor due to conflict with currently installed application software'
I have tried Epson help and done everything they suggest ie. deleting oem files, running MSCONFIG and shutting down startup and uninstall again. I have tried deleting every file in file manager. I have done a Registry clean, but I keep getting the same message. The last thing I found in 'Regedit' was a line stating 'system config utility, Epson bidirectional service' Is it safe to clean this?
If all else fails and I change my printer for a newer Epson model, will the status monitor3 install or does anybody think I may still get the conflict.

  alan227 23:34 26 Jul 06

If you back up your registry to the desktop first, then delete the driver, if it causes problems then you can start in safe mode and restore the registry from the desktop.

  ronec 23:48 26 Jul 06

Hi Alan. It's all double dutch to me. Havn'y a clue how to do what you suggest. The drivers have uninstalled it is just the monitor that is stuck and there is not a file left anywhere on the system that I can find to delete.

  YAMA 01:27 27 Jul 06

hi ronec, best thing out is to do a system restore, go back to befor you installed it, then do a clean up, defrag, and a error check, this should put your pc right,

  ronec 10:37 27 Jul 06

Hi YAMA. Thanks, have done two system restores, but no luck. Will try a defrag, how do I do an error check?

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