Software to type while i talk

  Ambasedor 10:38 13 Jul 07

Can anyone suggest some software that will type into my PC while i dictate. Either freeware or to buy. I have an old pentium 3 running XP Pro could switch to 98 if required.

  Pamy 10:50 13 Jul 07
  Simsy 11:42 13 Jul 07

But I'm pretty sure I saw such a programme on one of the coverdiscs on a PC magazine while looking on the shelves last week.

I wasn't paying attention, so apologies if I'm wrong... but it's probably worth having a mosey down to the newsagents to see whats on offer on that front.

There definately was one on some coverdisc about 6 months ago... I installed and tried it, just out of curiousity. I was reasonably impressed, but with no need for it I uninstalled it.

Also, this seems a suitable place to mention that the browser "Opera" has a voice facility... I can't remember exactly the sttiing up procedure, but you can train it to recognise your voice for the "standard" instructions, "Close, New Window, etc.

Good luck,



  robbiepaul79 11:47 13 Jul 07

I work for a Council and our service has just ordered more Dragon software from nuance, seems to be the software fo choice at the moment.

  stylehurst 13:57 13 Jul 07

Dragon is definitely the program to go for, you will need to train it to get optimum results.

  bluto1 20:22 13 Jul 07

Have a look at this one. I bought it last year as a present for my niece and she likes it.
click here

  wee eddie 20:42 13 Jul 07

Regardless of the Software ~ I don't think that your PC is up to the job.

Although there are programs that will run on a Pentium 3, I think that most of the current Software needs 512MB of RAM or more. Switching it to 98se wou;ld free up Memory and using an older Version of Dragon Naturally Speaking could work but the older versions needed a deal of education and needed to be consciously Proof-Read

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