novis 11:45 04 Jun 07


I would like to reinstall Window XP on my Sony Vaio.

However, as the version that I have does not include SP1, I would like to copy over the updates and other relevant files.

How do I do this?

Can someone please advise me which other files I could copy onto disk and transfer: [e.g. Programme Files + Drivers ... ]

I would like to rid myself of the rubbish that is slowing things down without having to re-intally all of my software piece by piece.

Is there other useful advice / recommendations anyone might have that can be implemented by a novice?



  Pamy 11:48 04 Jun 07

Why go to such lenghts, why not just get rid of "the rubbish"

  novis 12:16 04 Jun 07

I generally do defrag and clean regularly but it never seems to perform with the same efficiency as after a reinstall.


  Pamy 12:30 04 Jun 07

Defrag is only part of speeding up, what do you do to cleen?

All computers will slow with the more programs you install, especially if they all want to load at the statup. also a lot of rubbish gets put in the registry and parts left behind, doing nothing and going nowhere. A program such as the free CCleaner and a registry cleaner program will work wonders Also removing programs that you no longer use or want will help.

  oldbeefer2 12:58 04 Jun 07

Like Regscrub click here

  novis 13:04 04 Jun 07


Registry cleaners, require more knowledge than I have to be able to use them effectively. I do run Norton Systems Works daily, which cleans effectively.

These observations are all very helpful but do not address the core question of what files to transfer so tht I don't have to start from scratch if I reinstall Windows XP.


  jender 13:24 04 Jun 07

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  Pamy 13:36 04 Jun 07

Sorry you will have to start from scratch if you reinstall windows, as if you think you will require more knowledge to run progs suggested then making a disk with all your progs etc. will be too complicated to explain

  wee eddie 13:55 04 Jun 07

You will rejuvenate your PC by ditching Norton

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