software prob !!!!

  Petesilver 23:56 14 Jun 05

Can u help i have a couple of progs that were working ok but now i keep getting the following error message....
C\Windows\system32\autoexec\NT the system file is not suitable for running MS Dos and Microsoft windows applications. chose 'close' to terminate the application"
one is a solitaire master 2 the other is Print Artist, both were working ok before i down loaded yahoo new messenger (which I have since deleted)

my PC runs XP home

  gudgulf 01:35 15 Jun 05

Open Windows explorer and copy the files autoexec.nt and config.nt from C:\Windows\repair to C:\Windows\system32 (assuming c is your Windows partition)

  Petesilver 17:47 15 Jun 05

Thanks "Gudgulf" that did the trick .....
solitaire working fine but print artist keeps giving me a message*******
"your are running in 16 colour or 256 mode for best performance run in high color 16bit"

but i am in HC 16 Bit !!!!!!!! the PC changes into 256 colour automatically

Can you help with this one ????
be much appreciated

  Petesilver 19:31 15 Jun 05

I have been using print artist (sierra) and it has been working perfectly up to now. it does not say it is incompatable it says i am running 256 colour when i am not i am actually running 16bit which is what it is actually asking for

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