Software to print 6"X4" photo's

  Internetwhizzkid 21:40 21 Apr 07

I have just purchased some glossy inkjet paper 50 sheets which are the standard size of an ordinary photo graph (6” X 4”) now what I’d want to do is take some photographs of a CD and print some of them on the glossy paper. The only problem is none of the software that I have including Microsoft word, publisher, Lexmark photo editor etc can print on paper that size. As a matter of fact I can change the paper size to postcard, however I am unsure how big a postcard is. Also I want to be able to print on the back of the paper and have a similar layout of what you would get if you were writing a postcard whilst you were on holiday.
So to make life simple does anybody know of any software preferably free that will enable me to print my photos at standard size and then print guidelines on the back as if it was a real postcard

  Technotiger 21:45 21 Apr 07

Hi, it is the printer that determines the size you can print - have a look in your printer settings.

  Technotiger 21:47 21 Apr 07

Have a look through this lot for double-sided photo paper.

click here

  Technotiger 21:50 21 Apr 07

Me again - the paper you have bought is postcard size - but I doubt if it is printable on both sides.

  matofthemint 21:56 21 Apr 07

Ilford's Classic Pearl Paper will print on both sides with excellent results on both sides. And should you want to print B/W (greyscale) it had no colour cast of its own as many other pepers do.

  Internetwhizzkid 21:59 21 Apr 07

its okay now all sorted


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