Software Modems?

  cyclingchef 09:05 28 Mar 03

Anyone familiar with "Conexant SoftK56 Data,Fax,
RTAD, PCI Modem" is this a 'software based modem'
If so I don't really understand them, I've just read where they are a cheap option where the processor does work normally done onboard by modem card. Does this mean there wouldn't be a
removable card in this PC?

  DieSse 09:11 28 Mar 03

This is a software modem - but it is a PCI card which can be removed from the system. They are normally perfectly satisfactory, and in fact I use them all the time in systems I build.

  cyclingchef 09:33 28 Mar 03

Ref this Conexant SoftK56 Modem I looking for drivers whats the difference between HSF & HCF?

  MAJ 09:39 28 Mar 03

Re your drivers. You don't mention your Operating System, but here's drivers for Win95, Win98 click here

  gemstone 11:30 28 Mar 03

Hopefully you don't want to run XP as it wont support 'soft' modems. Personally I would never advise anyone to use a 'soft' modem, as you say the CPU emulates a modem the card itself is not a modem, just a means ao connecting your phone line to your PC. Depending on what you use your computer for and it's spec. 'soft' modems can impact performance. If you want to play online games of any sort, forget the 'soft' option and buy an external hardware modem, which really is a modem and does all the compressing and decompressing etc; itself and just passes the data through a com port and if you can find your way to a decent computer fair it wont cost more than £25 for a decent one.

  cyclingchef 15:47 28 Mar 03

Thanks all for input, this Conexant softmodem is in my neighbours PC (Win98SE) He asked my to install WinXP for him I am just doing prepatory work at this time (hence my earlier post about older bios & WinXP) I saw this SoftK56 modem and remembered reading something about 'software modems' hence this post. gemstone I'm suprised that the XP upgrade advisor did'nt suggest this modem was unsupported? I've already visited Conexant for drivers but it seems I need to know if modem is "HSF or HFC type" anyone know what this means?

  Djohn 16:24 28 Mar 03

Win XP will find and install driver for Conexant modem, and give you access to the net, but the driver in XP won't recognise the fax/voice part.

To do this you will need to find an updated driver, preferably from the same manufacturer as the original one, if not then a third party driver will work with XP, but unless you need the fax/voice software, then XP's driver is fine, that's what I'm using at the moment. J.

  tenor 16:37 28 Mar 03

XP does support software modems.Nearly all modems are "soft"You have to look around to find a pure hardware one.

  Megatyte 19:14 28 Mar 03


  Megatyte 19:31 28 Mar 03

The only difference between internal and external is the external costs more because you are paying for additional power supply and casing.


  DieSse 21:10 28 Mar 03

The HSF and HCF chipsets are both "soft" modems - for a good description of them see here

click here

click here

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