Software to make a scrapbook.

  Ben capewell 22:42 04 Jun 07

Hi all, its been a while since asking you guys for advice, but you are normally right.
To the point i have a little girl 2 years old and have got a load of pictures, wich are all on disk, and processed to photos, but its mummys birthday soon and would like to make a special present of a now and then scrap book.
I was thinking use some software to put in pictures text and nice back grounds, so they can be printed onto A4 and then put them as a book kind of thing.
I have been thinking powerpoint and have just had a mess but i dont think its the ideal thing without messing about, and spending hours.
So to the point !!!
Any ideas on some kind of software, to fill my needs, please.
Thanks all
ps and how do i keep my wife from seeing what im doing !!! heee

  Woolwell 22:56 04 Jun 07

Suggest you want to use a desk top publishing program. Some of the older Serif PagePlus programs can be obtained either for free or for very little.

  Ben capewell 23:07 04 Jun 07

Thanks so powerpoint is a no go ? i was just thinking what ive got. have you any idea which site i can get them from ?
if not dont worry i will go down to 'pc world' OH NO i walk through the door and come out with a so called instant credit card !!!!!

  Ben capewell 23:21 04 Jun 07

Thankyou to Woolwell
but where is there a free site or do i buy it ?
or similar software !

  Woolwell 23:35 04 Jun 07

Try this:
click here

  Woolwell 23:43 04 Jun 07

Older versions of Serif PagePlus are often found on magazine cover discs.

  lotvic 00:51 05 Jun 07

had you thought of a gift CD with slideshows etc?
picasa 2 is free from google click here

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