Software For Digital Camera

  Dazwm 17:21 28 Jun 03

A mate of mine has sold me his HP 318 digital camera cos' he has bought a new one . The trouble is he has lost the software CD, does anyone know where I can download the software.( I am running XP Pro).

  dazzling (work) 17:26 28 Jun 03

if its not on the hp site you probably cant.try something like photoshop album to arrange can get them of the camera using xp pro so you just need something to arrange them with if necesary i njust keep mine in a folder and use xp to download them from the camera.darren

  graham√ 17:32 28 Jun 03

Best way, buy a card reader!

  Jomi 17:40 28 Jun 03

are here click here

  mammak 19:55 28 Jun 03

Hi Dazwm, it,s only a thought going on my prob,s, when i bought my new pc i installed the software ect for my olmpus c120, i am using xp pro now and the win wizard pop,s up, (i take it your using a usb cable to connect your camera) disregarding my software and still load,s my photo,s, am not sure about card reader,s or how much the cost , but if you dont want too go to more expense the win,s wizard will do the job for you, if you have a connection via usb cable for your camera, just plug it in an the wizard should pop up. regard,s Mammak

  Agent Smith 22:15 28 Jun 03

I never use my camera software (Fuji Finepix). As
graham√ says use a card reader and then you've also got the opportunity to buy cards for saving other info to. Card readers and cards are very reasonable now.

  Bagsey 08:28 29 Jun 03

Go to click here a get a card reader for either the card your camera uses for about £9.00 or a multi card reader to read every card that is available. Then you wont have any hassle getting the pictures into your computer. For other software to manipulate the images there is a multitude out there. Paintshop Pro is my favourite and early versions are on the free disc list on magazines.

  Bagsey 08:29 29 Jun 03

Sorry I forgot to say that the multi card reader sells at about £16.00 from that shop.

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