barrie_g 16:37 15 Feb 03

Hi I recently bought SOF II and after it froze my pc the first few times I tried to run it I eventually got it to run by reducing some of the settings, the problem now is that it uses 100% of my processor, surley this has got to be wrong or are there some settings I have missed?

P4 2.53 Ghz
512Mb pc2700 ram
MSI 845PE MAX mobo
Creative Ti4200 graphics card (64 Mb ram)

  grove34 16:59 15 Feb 03

which nvidia drivers are you using

  powerless 17:02 15 Feb 03

If i'm not mistaken...

100% CPU usage would be normal for the game.

  barrie_g 17:20 15 Feb 03

nvidia drivers 40.41 also using directX 9 O/S is windows XP

  barrie_g 17:30 15 Feb 03

I wouldn't mind so much it using 100% of the cpu for running the game but it uses upto 80% of the cpu on the options screen.

  Spook Tooth 17:44 15 Feb 03

What are the graphical settings you have the game running at? It is quite an aggressive user of computer resources but I would suggest that below or at medium detail settings and a resoultion of under 1024x768, it should not be squeezing your CPU so hard.

But, your graphics card indicates just 64MB Ram, I wonder should this result in the game instead using CPU resources to make up for any shortfall it needs in graphics operations?

In any event, you could check BIOS settings, to ensure the graphics aperture (I think) is set right and your card, in any event, is reported correctly both here, and in Windows Device Manager, or the Display Properties, adapter tab.

Different drivers yield also differing results (not wildly differing but sometimes significant improvements to performance or visual quality), if you've not yet tried them, I'd advocate 40.72s, or the latest 42.86 drivers from Nvidia, available at the second link.

click here

click here

  barrie_g 19:48 15 Feb 03

updated to the 41.09 drivers and it seems to have solved my problem as the cpu usage is not a constant 100% as it was but goes from around 50%-100% depending on what is happening on the screen and its now using more memory than before so all in a more balanced machine.

just goes to show that you can't take drivers for granted and even though it all seems to work fine updating can make it run even better, so thanks guys and I'll remember to update in future;-)

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