Sober virus help needed

  carl48 17:47 12 Jun 04

My brother's computer has been infected with the [email protected] virus, and so far we have been trying for hours to get rid of it to no avail. We have used Mcafee stinger, AVG, Avast Virus Cleaner, Solo antivirus, Mcafee antivirus and the removal tool from Symantec to remove the virus. All these measures have failed and the computer is still infected. Has anyone else been in this situation and found a way out of it? We're at our wits' end.

  rawprawn 17:50 12 Jun 04

Did you turn off System restore before cleaning, if not you will not get rid of it. The little blighters hide in there.

  rawprawn 17:54 12 Jun 04
  rawprawn 17:57 12 Jun 04

Sorry about the link, type the name of your virus into google you will see the removal tool. Sorry about not fully helping I am not at home and this is a very strange computer.

  carl48 18:00 12 Jun 04

Thanks for the advice, guys. We have tried all the advised remedies, including system restore, and have also tried the Symantec removal tool to no avail. I can't think of anything we haven't tried, which is why I'm hoping someone here will be able to offer fresh ideas.

  mammak 18:05 12 Jun 04

carl48 try this.
click here

  Dan the Confused 20:00 12 Jun 04

When you say 'failed' do you mean it can't be removed, or it keeps coming back?

  Dan the Confused 20:02 12 Jun 04

Also, have you tried any of your previous measures in safe mode?

  carl48 20:51 12 Jun 04

I have tried all the attempted solutions in Safe mode. The virus cannot be removed. My brother's antivirus system simply says it failed to remove the virus. Weird. It seems to me that a full reinstall of Windows might be necessary. Does anyone know if this will remove the virus?

  Dan the Confused 20:54 12 Jun 04

Where is the virus located?

  Dan the Confused 21:15 12 Jun 04

Did you read the instructions thoroughly for the Symantec Removal Tool before running it? ( click here )

If so, post the FixSober.log contents to this thread.

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