So what is this this then?

  Cymro. 13:54 28 Apr 08

While going through the list of programs in the add or remove list I came across a program that I don`t remember over loading.

It is called Bonjour and is a Apple Mac program. I have read the bumf that comes with it and don`t think I have any use for it.

So how did it ever get loaded on my computer and is it safe for my to delete it?

it's an apple updater, linked with i tunes, safari etc.

  Totally-braindead 13:57 28 Apr 08

Only thing that occurs to me is could it be part of itunes?

  anskyber 14:01 28 Apr 08

I would get rid. If you are doubtful then disable it from startup and confirm everything runs OK

It's Apples quest for dumping as much software as it can on people without obvious choice.

  anskyber 14:04 28 Apr 08

Some background to my Apple comment click here

indeed, thats how i know where it came from, they bundle everything up and fire the lot at you, if you remove safari it leaves bonjour behind as is updates all apple software, should uninstall without problems

  Woolwell 14:35 28 Apr 08

I got Bonjour through installing Safari. Bonjour was of no use to me at all and is now uninstalled as incidentally is Safari.

I particularly dislike the fact that every time there is an update to Quicktime (and the updates do seem large) then Apple try to hoist I-Tunes on to me.

  Woolwell 14:37 28 Apr 08

Bonjour is a networking program click here not an updater.

  Cymro. 16:50 28 Apr 08

Thanks for that folks I will get rid of it.

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