So Confused

  OhBeardedOne 10:29 17 May 08

Help! I have changed ISP and in uninstalling AOL have completely screwed up my computer. I have reinstalled windows but find that, although all my programmes still exist in Program Files, they will not run and give an @application failed to initialise properly@ error message.

  Technotiger 10:37 17 May 08

Try a System Restore back to before you un-installed AOL.

  OhBeardedOne 10:41 17 May 08

Can't do that I'm afraid. When I uninstalled aol it completely crashed my PC, which wouldn't boot at all. I had to reboot from Windows CD. Tried repair to no effect so reinstalled windows completely. I now seem to have two versions installed, one whioch works and one which doesn't

  OhBeardedOne 10:44 17 May 08

I should add that I have two All Users folders in Documents and settings, une says "all users", and has all my files in, and one says "all", which seems to be the one thats running.

  wis 10:45 17 May 08

when you say rienstalled,full job format disc

  OhBeardedOne 10:47 17 May 08

I also have two named folders. PETER, the old one with everything in, and PETER.PETER.3BEDE5F1

  OhBeardedOne 10:47 17 May 08

No, did,'t format disk

  OhBeardedOne 11:13 17 May 08

I just tried to run photoshop, and although it loaded it then told me that the registration code was invalid, and closed the program. This is bizarre!

  crosstrainer 11:36 17 May 08

I'm afraid it sounds beyond normal repair procedures...Assuming that you have all your installation cd's for your software, you need to perform a complete format in order to clear your hard disk of everything.

You should delete all partitions, format the drive (this can take a while depending on the size of your drive(s) (if you have more than one, delete all partitions on that as well (this can be formatted within Windows after you re-install.

Once formatted, perform a clean install of windows, re-install all anti-virus, antispyware chip set drivers sound drivers etc. etc.

Then all your programmes....Sorry, and it is a time consuming process, but you have no other option IMO. I find it hard to fathom how removing AOL caused such havoc though.

  OhBeardedOne 17:05 17 May 08

Thanks Crosstrainer...will do, but how, precisely do I reformat drive (NTFS), I don't wantr to get it wrong!

  Ditch999 17:09 17 May 08

Boot from your OS CD. A bit like you did earlier but when asked if you want to install say yes instead of the repair option. You can also delete the partition (not necessary) then select format and install.

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