The Snippet application prints too large

  jonem81 01 Apr 13

I use snippet, but I find that the printer output is not user-friendly. Looking at block of text that I have captured, bears no resemblance to the finished output. It usually ends up too large, filling the whole page, when all I wanted was say, a 12 point output. Is there a method to control the finished product?


  chub_tor 01 Apr 13

Are you referring to the Windows Snipping Tool or is there another application called Snippet?

If it is the Windows Snipping Tool then the snip itself is captured as a graphics picture in one of several selectable formats. But being a picture if you try and print it from Windows then you can select the size of the picture in only a few different ways, one of which is full page. If you import the snip into a photo programme you may have more flexibility or you can import it as a picture into Word and then drag it to a size that suits you.

If you are indeed talking about a programme called Snippet then ignore the above as I can't help you.

  jonem81 01 Apr 13


Sorry I could not reply earlier, and thank you. You are correct, I AM referring to the Windows Snipping Tool. Trust me to get the name wrong!

I will follow your good advice and I am sure that it will work!


  Batch 02 Apr 13

You might find MWSnap useful (see ) as an alternative to the Snipping Tool.

It does rectangular / square snips very well

It still works under Win7 (including 64 bit versions) [and I guess Win8], although I had to edit the registry to stop it asking me to confirm the language each time I launched it (I guess this was due to a UAC issue when I installed it).

Registry edit was in:

HCU\Software\MirWoj\MWSnap\Options where I had to change the Language key from "???" to "English.ini" (without the quotes)


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