Geordie 10:57 16 Feb 04

I have lost the ability to control sound from a sound control on the task bar. The machine tells me I need to install a file and I believe it to be sndvol32.exe I have evidence that the file has been on the machine but its not there now. I run Windows XP Pro and have looked at the installation disc but I cant find it there. I have an on board sound card SoundMax. There is also one other niggle. When I plug a microphone into the mike socket at the back of the machine and try to get it to work via Sound Forge. Zilch, silence, nothing.
Can Anyone help?

  Stuartli 11:00 16 Feb 04

You should be able to extract it from the system CAB file WIN_17.CAB or just drag and drop it to the C:\Windows folder.

If you have no sound control/mixer you won't be able to enable/disable the mike or other sections.

  Geordie 12:02 16 Feb 04

vmt for that. I have done a search for WIN_17.CAB and came up with nothing then i did a search on *.CAB and there was no WIN_17.CAB file to be seen.

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