SMS on a PC

  Mezzo 10:44 27 Mar 03

I know you can send sms's from various websites, but is it possible to receive them on your pc somehow?

Also, whats the quickest way to send one? Ive got a bog standard Nokia 3510, but do GPRS, 3G etc phones send and receive them quicker? Ive also heard of something called 'fastxt' as well, but am not sure what this is.

Thanks for any help given.

  xtreme_computing 10:47 27 Mar 03

i use click here (lycos) which you can send 5 free txt messages a day. and they can either reply to your phone or your computer through an inbox when you set the account up.

  bof:) 10:58 27 Mar 03

Hi Mezzo,

also try here. click here

As far as I am aware you can send sms messages to any network within the UK

you can send 100 free sms messages a month and receive replies back to your PC.

There is also an option to purchase further sms if you use your 100 a month up.


  xtreme_computing 11:57 27 Mar 03

i think this fast txt you are on about, is a new way of sending messages to phones, it can be donw off new mobiles, or mobiles that are being introduced soon!

it is like real time txt messages, the same as if you were chatting on msn or yahoo messenger, but through the phones, but you have to subscribe to have this feature.

  powerless 12:00 27 Mar 03

The US have now that.

ON AIM you get a message like "This person is chatting via a mobile device".

There very slow to reply :-(

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