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SMS Messages to Mobile Via ICQ

  BigAl127 23:57 12 Jul 03

As anyone been successful in sending an SMS text message via ICQ to a mobile phone. I've tried several times over the past week, and although ICQ reports that the messages have been sent, they haven't been received by the mobile phone.

Any ideas anyone.

  perpetually-perplexed 00:00 13 Jul 03

i thought id done something wrong. glad to know its not just me

  BigAl127 00:07 13 Jul 03

I've tried omitting the leading zero off the mobile number as is usually the case cos ICQ uses the +44 international code. That didn't work either.

I've tried searching the web for Free PC SMS to mobiles, and all I can find is free software and then you buy bulk messages which seem to cost more than sending direct from my mobile :-(

  perpetually-perplexed 00:09 13 Jul 03

same here, all you get is having to buy phone credits, would love a free sms prog. maybe the networks are chargimg icq now.

  BigAl127 00:13 13 Jul 03

I'll see if I can find anything out.

  perpetually-perplexed 00:14 13 Jul 03

i spend about 10-15 pw on sms, so anything saving me money is gr8

  Tazfan 00:24 13 Jul 03

It used to work great about 12/18 months or so ago. I used to be able to send as many as I liked whenever I liked, then all of a sudden it stopped. So, sending texts via ICQ, stopped, as far as I can establsh, at least a year ago. It was a big loss

  BigAl127 00:27 13 Jul 03

looks like you can only send via O2, Orange & Vodafone. I've been trying t-Mobile.

click here

  perpetually-perplexed 01:19 13 Jul 03

ive been trying on o2, still no use. must be discontinued without telling anyone

  BigAl127 18:24 13 Jul 03

Still No Luck, i've tried to most networks today. Seems you might be right that it's been discontinued without telling anyone:-((((

  perpetually-perplexed 19:24 13 Jul 03

typical...never get something for nothing

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