Smoking motherboard !

  rmcqua 09:52 07 Feb 06

Hello all,
I had an interesting experience over the weekend. Upgrading a friend's PC with new m/b (Asus), processor (Sempron 3000+, socket 754), power supply and HDD. Fitted it all together in minimal configuration (no PCI cards at this point), double checked evrything as I always do and switched on. Power came on, fans begin to run, monitor does not initialise, slowly a smell of hot something aapears. I switch off and start to dismantle, looking to find the source of the smell. Eventually find that one of the PC tracks on the Asus m/b (presumably a power rail, even though it is quite a thin track) has melted!
I have checked and double checked for any foreign bodies that might have caused a short circuit, mounting hardware etc. but there is nothing unusual. I am suspecting a short circuit capacitor on one of the m/b power rails. Any other ideas?
(I'm a bit worried about what will happen when I start up the replacement m/b).

  spuds 10:15 07 Feb 06

Possibly just a faulty motherboard. Contact the manufacturers or dealer for advice and possible replacement.

  Gongoozler 10:40 07 Feb 06

Could be a faulty capacitor, or any other component. Could also be a solder short, although usually the manufacturer detects these in automatic board testing. Could also be a faulty plugged in component such as memory. The only thing you might have done is to short something out when you screwed the motherboard down in the case. Incorrectly connecting the front panel cables is unlikely to cause damage as the circuits shouldn't be able to deliver sufficient current.

When you try with the replacement motherboard, I suggest you start with the REAL minimum of components - Motherboard, processor, heatsink, power switch, case speaker, PSU and with the motherboard resting on a sheet of card or other insulating material. This should give you an error POST beep, and you can start building up from there.

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