smartphone & netbook

  sunnystaines 13 Jun 11

would linking up a netbook to a smartphone to give the netbook internet access via the smartphone seriously deplete the the net usage allowance or would there be little difference.

[using "3" with a 1gb usage a month]

  mgmcc 13 Jun 11

Why not try it and see? You can always go into "My 3 Page" to see how much of your allowance has been used or remains, although it doesn't update in real time so will probably show the status as of "yesterday".

As long as you're just running email and accessing web pages, usage shouldn't be excessive. The problem arises if the Netbook automatically retrieves updates for installed programs, as some of these could involve large file downloads.

  bremner 13 Jun 11

You need to look at your mobile networks "tethering" T & C's

  Woolwell 13 Jun 11

It depends on what you download and what other data your phone requires. 1Gb per month isn't much. If you are planning to use it out of UK then it could work out to be extremely expensive.

  woodchip 13 Jun 11

Windows Updates needs to be set to Manual not automatic, But that still leaves Anti-Virus update, but do not normally take much unless it updates the Program

  sunnystaines 13 Jun 11

thankyou for all the replies, they have been helpful

  Woolwell 13 Jun 11

On a smartphone I recommend turning off data roaming before going out of UK. The charges are very high for only a small amount of data.

  woodchip 13 Jun 11

Better to go to McDonald's It's a Free Hot Spot, I have used them okay when away Netbook as Built in WiFi

  sunnystaines 13 Jun 11

Woolwell, woodchip



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