Smart Media card reader.

  Tazfan 18:10 22 Jun 03

Sice installing my card reader, and setting it to AutoPlay, and process the pictures using Microsoft Scanner and Camera Wizard, all has been well. However, when I went to use the reader yesterday, there was no response when I inserted the card. Upon investigation, I noticed that the AutoPlay had changed to Music, and not to perform any action. I changed it back by selecting pictures, and to run using the MS Scanner and Picture Wizard again. I applied, and closed. Tried the card again, and no response again. Checked properties, and again, it had gone back to music etc. I removed the device, re booted, and plugged it back in, but I still cant get it to autoplay. Im running XP on an Athalon XP with 512 RAM.
As usual, thank you in advance for your time and trouble. Cheers T:-)

  Tazfan 18:12 22 Jun 03

Should have added that I am still able to manually navigate to the stored pictures and transfer them to My Pictures folder.

  Tazfan 11:58 23 Jun 03


  Tazfan 20:49 23 Jun 03


  Tazfan 21:50 27 Jun 03

Nobody got any ideas? Ive tried allsorts, but cant get the reader to work as it did/should.

  rins36 23:24 27 Jun 03

Just out of interest wht card reader do u have?

I have my pics on the comp set as a slide show.

After all pics are dloaded from the (new)reader the card is formatted via the camera & i can access the pics on the comp to print out as & when i want to.

I just go into my pictures opt for the folder the pics are saved in, choose the ones i want to print, select print from file & the wizard does the rest for me

Hope this help

  Tazfan 23:38 27 Jun 03

Iv not got a problem doing anything with the pics once I have them on my PC. the problem is getting them there. It used to do it on its own. As soon as I inserted the card, it automatically opened the Windows picture and scanner wizard, and off it went. Now however, I have to open My COmputer, choose the reader, choose the folder where the pics are stored, and manually move them to the My Pictures folder.

I want to figure out why it stopped doing it on its own. It is a Spring Multicard Reader, connected via USB.

  rins36 00:01 28 Jun 03

click here

See if u can get info off here, there maybe a prob with the reader, i would suggest u contact the place where u got the reader from explain the problem or exchnge the reader for another make

  Tazfan 11:27 01 Jul 03

I give in. Just going to have to use it manually from now on. Not a major hardship, but I would have preferred if it had continued working as it did from day 1.

Thanks for your help rins36. I appreciate it.


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