small screen display

  Ian 23:37 02 May 04

I have just loaded win 98 onto a secondhand thinkpad 600. My problem is that the screen display is about half size in the screen. otherwise all is ok. Any ideas on how I can get the picture to use the full screen?

  johnnyrocker 23:57 02 May 04

can it be dragged?


  DJ-Garry 00:54 03 May 04

Are there any controls for stretching the screen out on the laptop, or, right click on a blank area of the desktop, select properties, click on the settings tab and try changing the screen resolution.

  johnnyrocker 00:58 03 May 04

the usual answer is to drag to fit and close with alt f4 and reopening will be at correct size.


  Ian 07:21 03 May 04

Thanks for your ideas.The screen cannot be dragged or stretched. When booting up the IBM thinkpad screen shows at full size. As soon as it changes to windows the display only fills half the screen. could it be something in the BIOS?

  Air_Man 10:11 03 May 04

My Thinkpad R32 runs at 1200x1000 but when I need to work at 800x600 (for webpage design etc), rather than using the whole screen, it just sets up a 800x600 "window" (not a genuine "Windows" window though) in the middle of the screen.

This happens when I change the resolution in the Properties>Setting tab accessed via right-clicking a blank area of the screen. When I change the resolution back to 1200x1000, the full screen is then used.

Your problem sounds remarkably similar, but without you resizing it yourself beforehand.

  Ian 12:32 03 May 04

After trawling through the technical support on IBM website found a reference to screen size. FN+F8 toggles the size of the screen larger/smaller.
hanks for everyones ideas

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