Small Red X

  Snrub 12:51 PM 31 May 11

Some websites have a picture content that is presumably blocked with a small red cross X inthe top left corner. I have tried switching off pop up blocker and its not that. Any ideas what I need to do to view content please?

  Ventad 12:58 PM 31 May 11

Try Internet explorer/Tools?advanced tab?scroll down to multimedia tick show pictures

  Ventad 13:00 PM 31 May 11

? should of been / sorry

  Snrub 13:01 PM 31 May 11

Thanks, checked but multimedia show pictures is ticked, so its not that.

  woodchip 13:03 PM 31 May 11

have you tried right click the box then show image

  Snrub 13:07 PM 31 May 11

Thanks woodchip, tried that but its not that.

  woodchip 13:14 PM 31 May 11

your java may need updating, as web page images depend a lot on java script

  Snrub 13:19 PM 31 May 11

Not that, have latest java version 6 update25

  woodchip 13:25 PM 31 May 11

Browsers Do not implement Java the same way, have you tried another browser. Also there are different Java Sun Mico Systems and think MS do there own. Typical Mishmash on PC's

  woodchip 13:25 PM 31 May 11

Micro not Mico

  Snrub 13:44 PM 31 May 11

Yes woodchip, it works on Chrome but there must be a reason why it doesn't work on IE9?


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