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  March Wind 06 Sep 11

PC suddenly printing very small ahow do I make it larger. I thought it was just gong to be in my hotmail account but it is small on this site too.

  AroundAgain 06 Sep 11

Hi March Wind

Go to File - Print Preview and change the size/scale. It might currently say 'Shrink to Fit'

Hope that helps you Cheers

  northumbria61 06 Sep 11

If you mean when you're on then internet the text is small in your browser then press crtl and + together to enlarge text press crtl and - together to reduce text

  March Wind 06 Sep 11

No good the page was also small

  northumbria61 06 Sep 11

March Wind - sorry I misread your query.

  northumbria61 06 Sep 11

I think you need to make changes in your Printer's printing preferences.

Go to File -Print - then click on preferences on the screen that comes up check your printers settings don't forget to look at what size paper the printer thinks you are using and see if your printer has settings for how many pages to fit the document to.

  March Wind 06 Sep 11

I clicked on File Print Preview . It did say shrink to fit pg but I couldn't see all the page only when I clicked on 30%. Looking at this thread what I am printing is too small.

  Nontek 06 Sep 11

What are you trying to print? If you can save it as a .doc then you could open it with Word and then change the text size, and print it from within Word.

  lotvic 06 Sep 11

If you want it bigger change it to 'Landscape' because webpages are wide.

or instead of printing the whole page, with your cursor highlight the text you want to print out then click on File, Print, and choose 'Print Selection'


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