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  joeltr 28 Apr 04

i dont know what has happened, but when i click on a website and then click a link, the pages that appear are small, not full screen as before, any advice please, regards joel.

  byfordr 28 Apr 04

You could try maximising the small window then closing with the x. Hopefully should be large next time.


  Djohn 28 Apr 04

This is quite normal and also very useful as the main page is still on view. It also means you can have several smaller windows open at the same time without losing site of the main page.

If you still prefer to have new windows open at full size then open the new window but don't use the maximise button to expand, instead move your cursor to the corner edge of the window and when it changes to a double-headed arrow drag the window out to fit the whole of your screen.

From now on it should open in this larger size but you will have lost the ability to reduce to smaller size using the centre button on the toolbar. You can of course always reduce when needed by dragging from the corners again. j.

  keith-236785 28 Apr 04

do as Djohn says, but when closing the window, press and hold the Ctrl key and click the close X top right corner of window, windows should then remember the last size.

Dont know why this happens, but it is annoying, easily solved but still annoying.

  joeltr 28 Apr 04

ok i will try your suggestions, thanks for your responces joel.


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