Small Image Next To URL - cool but how to do it?

  Limariami 13:01 10 Apr 04

Hi all

Please does somebody know how on earth one can create those small 'personalised' images that appear alongside the URL in the address field and in the Favorites. This is a very cool feature but i cannot find any info about it's done.

Also what are pixel dimensions?


  Forum Editor 14:51 10 Apr 04

and like a lot of things it's not difficult to do, once you know how.

The key thing to remember is that you must name the file: favicon.ico and place it in the root directory of your web. Internet Explorer (version 5.0 and higher) will then recognise the image.

For all you want to know about what to do and how to do it as far as favicons are concerned
click here

  Limariami 15:49 10 Apr 04

it is also easy to find out something when you know where to ask!

i will create my favicon now - the reward:effort ratio is huge since it is the sort of thing that you tend to see on professional sites!

  Gaz 25 21:53 13 Apr 04

And... where might PCA's favicon be???

  Usayd 00:01 15 Apr 04

lol! PCA are to n00bish for that kinda thing (noob=amateur) joke!! :P

  Forum Editor 00:27 15 Apr 04

we don't have one.

Actually, you'll find that the best 'professional' sites don't have them either. They're a bit of a waste of time in my view, but hey, we're all entitled to an opinion .

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