Small IE8 niggle

  acfc 17:24 30 Jan 09

Having used mainly firefox for some years I thought i would try IE8. It's been a pleasant surprise with some nice features and definately faster but i have one small problem ~ when I move between pages there is a slight noise (crackle)from the speakers. Not too loud but enough really annoy!

Anyone else had this or any ideas how to fix it?

  BigCam 02:09 31 Jan 09

I use IE8 and not heard of that problem
Only suggestion I can give is to send a report to Microsoft as IE8 is still in Beta stage they are looking for people like you to tell them of any probs using it


  acfc 07:57 31 Jan 09

Thanks for the response BigCam

It does seem to be an isolated problem as I can't find any mention of it anywhere ~ but I'll report it anyway

  Halmer 12:10 31 Jan 09

/sounds and audio devices/sounds tab/program events (half way down) - find 'start navigation' and see if the sound is set to 'none'.

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