Sluggish Internet

  bartonside 19:01 14 Jan 11

In the last week or so I have experienced real problems with my internet access. My ISP is AOL and I also use Firefox occasionally. Internet sites either take an age to load or will not respond properly to internal navigation. The prevalent result is a blank window and the word Done at the bottom and refreshing rarely helps. I try re-opening AOL and this sometimes provides a slight improvement but not for long. I live in the country and download speeds are, generally, less than 2mps which is dismal. Any advice that is not too technical (keep mit simple please!)would be welcome.

  rdave13 19:29 14 Jan 11

Use speedtest to check your speed; click here Run it a couple of times. Check no 'crackling' noise on the 'phone and if you have any spare filters try changing one at a time.

  bartonside 22:39 14 Jan 11

Thanks for your advice. I have changed two filters and that seems to have done the trick. I will change the third one tomorrow. This raises an interesting question - should filters be changed regularly, rather like the oil in my car?

  rdave13 22:52 14 Jan 11

Not really. Filters do 'degrade' after time but you need to find out which one has degraded by elimination.
As you've replied at a late time it could also be that there's less 'contention ratio' at this time. I.e. less people using the internet at this time.
click here
seems a good read.
Did you check your 'phone line for noise?
Dial 17070, press option 2 (quiet line test).

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