slowing down

  tulix 11:51 10 May 03

just of late when i am downloading a large file and also doing other tasks at the same time my machine seems to slow down and run in little spurts of stop/start.i am running antivirus real time protection also maybe all these running together does not help.but i running 1800xp and 256ddr.32meg graphics on board.running xp pro.wot can i do to sort this out.tweaks hints etc.thanks

  tulix 11:52 10 May 03

yes i know i need more memory.cant afford at the moment

  tulix 12:50 10 May 03


  otubby1 13:09 10 May 03

I've seen the word 'bump' in several threads of late. Am I missing something or is this a secret code between all you experts??

  Happy1 15:49 10 May 03

Was thinking exactly the same myself but didn't like to ask. Prefer Laymans language myself.

  crx1600 15:54 10 May 03

bump/refresh. it just gets your question back up to the top of page 1.

tulix,is the problem with your PC slowing down or your internet connection slowing?

  VoG™ 15:55 10 May 03

Is just a way of pushing a thread to the top of the board to try to get peoples attenhtion.

tulix - have you defragged recently?

  tulix 01:37 11 May 03

its my pc thats slowing down.i have not defraged of late but i have done a format.seems like my pc just cant cope of late

  crx1600 01:44 11 May 03

maybe have the dodgy windows update installed click here which can cause XP systems to slow.

  tulix 01:49 11 May 03

mmm interesting i will take a look at that

  tulix 10:05 19 May 03

ok checked my updates its non of those.i have very little hard drive space just cant handle doing like 2 things at the same time.without it slowing down.i have done a format recently is there something in the bios that i havent size of memory or something like that.i am not exactly up to date on those issues

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