Slow XP Startup

  Slithe 21:09 07 Jun 05

Hi - I'm running XP Home with 512 MB RAM and a C: drive with 80GB.

I have added another 'slave' 120GB hdd drive and an additional DVD-RW drive, and XP has taken much longer to fire up the desktop.

Boot-up is fine, I get the Welcome Screen, the music and then the system seems to take a few minutes to get to the desktop, much longer than before. When loaded, all is fine.

Any ideas whats behind the problem,

I am also running Avast anti-virus and spybot.

Would upgrading to 1GB RAM resolve the problem?

  Slithe 21:34 07 Jun 05

Firstly - I have a lot of applications in the task tray (near the clock) 23 according to Msconfig. Would this be a causing it

Secondly, when I installed the new drive, I removed the current hard drive and placed it where the removed 3.5 floppy was.

Obviously, the old A: was uninstalled in XP and disabled in the bios.

Therefore, I have the original hd in the existing 3.5 floppy bay - it fits, not too tightly

Underneath this is the new drive.

Therefore - system looks like this

X - Old Drive
Y - New Drive

  Night Ryder 22:06 07 Jun 05

Whe fitting CD and DVD drives, i'ts always a good idea to make sure that the interface that's got your system drive does not also have a CD or DVD drive attached if possible. IDE hard drives are much faster than CD or DVD drives. What happens when you share an interface with hard drive and CD or DVD drive is the hard drive is limited to the maximum speed of the CD / DVD drive.

  Slithe 22:14 07 Jun 05

I have two IDE Channels - the HDD are together as are the optical drives.

I don't have slave/master with a HD and an optical!

When I look at task manager, I have 41 processes running, is this normal?

  Slithe 22:20 07 Jun 05

Here is my Msconfig list - any ideas of what to suspend/delete - assuming just unticking box?

Microsoft Office

  Night Ryder 22:21 07 Jun 05

Good point. I just checked my task list and mine is running 44 processes without any problem. You could try running "msconfig" ... got to start run and type this in. See if you have any thing running in startup that you don't require and disable it. You could also check you booting options.

  Joe R 22:21 07 Jun 05


I would imagine the amount of items in your system tray, is the main cause of the slow boot.

Click on start-run, type in "msconfig", without the commas, then click on OK.

Tick the box which says "selective startup", and delete those not needed, under the startup tab.

Do not untick, explorer.exe, or anything related to your anti virus or firewall, click on apply and reboot your system. This should shave a few seconds off the boot time.

  Joe R 22:24 07 Jun 05


must improve my typing speed. :)

  Slithe 22:32 07 Jun 05

I have removed everything - problem still exists?

No virus! Could it be something to do with Avast and Spybot settings i.e. updates?! I recall a slowing after installing these some time ago

  Slithe 22:42 07 Jun 05

I've also tried CCleaner - it removed approx. 63.5MB of junk. Shutdown is quicker, but startup is still taking its time

  VoG II 22:47 07 Jun 05

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