Slow Windows XP start up

  dugit 21:04 15 Aug 05

For the last few months when I switched on my Packard Bell computer occasionally I would get a blank screen but I would switch it offf then on and then it was ok again.
Then a week ago the screen went blank so I switched off then on but it then took 90 seconds to come on and it did so every time I switched on/off the computer.
I then carried out virus checks/cleaned up files/defragmented files but no change to 90 second start up.
Finally I put in the recovery disk to take the computer back to its original configuration.
1. Computer came on ok.
2. I then added microsoft works suite/printer/scanner/photoshop elements and checked off/on each time allwas ok.
3. I then added first (cd-rw) data disk still ok.
4. Added second data disk and got slow start up.
5. Deleted second data disk but still 90 second start up.
I know it may be just a coincidence that when I added the second data disk it went slow again.
Any ideas on possible causes would be appreciated.

  woodchip 22:43 15 Aug 05

Added second data disk and got slow start up.

What do you mean by data disk?

  dugit 23:24 15 Aug 05

Data disk is my own data (from Word/spreadsheet/photos etc)that I had saved from the computer before applying the recovery disk.

  woodchip 23:28 15 Aug 05

I suspect you are using MS Office. And that is the problem. PS have a look in MSCONFIG from run box STARTUP tab if you see "MS fast find" remove the tick

  dugit 20:53 16 Aug 05

Used msconfig but did not see file you mentioned .
I went to services and disabled non microsoft
files and found that computer now starts up ok.
Hope I have not given myself any other problems by disabling non microsoft files.
Very many thanks for advice with msconfig, much appreciated as I was lost what to do.

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