Slow windows & Pop ups

  Stuart 510 20:18 22 Apr 08

I am using Windows XP with SP2 and I keep getting internet pop ups that all start in the blue bar with CiD - any ideas on how to get shut, NIS2008 and windows defender say there is nothing there. Coincidentally, my windows is painfully slow when switching between apps, does any body know if these issues may be related? Many thanks for any help

  Jak_1 20:23 22 Apr 08

ctrl+alt+del to bring up task Manager, click the Processes tab and see if anything is using large amounts of CPU availability.

  rossgolf 20:24 22 Apr 08

click here

look thru this and tryt a couple of programs

  Stuart 510 20:25 22 Apr 08

Thank you - tried it, the only one that was there was iexplore, but it was 1 of 3 even though only 1 window open. However it does keep spiking upto 100% for no apparent reason

  Stuart 510 20:31 22 Apr 08

Cheers - will try some, any ideas where the CiD thing comes from?

  Jak_1 20:35 22 Apr 08

It wouls appear that Internet Explorer is the problem and may need either repairing or re-installing.
Not sure of the way forward in doing that but I have no doubt someone will be able to help with this.

  rdave13 20:40 22 Apr 08

Read this page and if you don't know what software it came bundled with then use the 'universal uninstaller'. You'll need to drop your security setting in IE7 just to run the uninstaller. Remember to reset afterwards.

click here

  Stuart 510 20:45 22 Apr 08

Sounds good, will give a go. Just for info, ran spyware doctor and this found a rake of stuff windows defender didn't.

Thanks again to all for info



  birdface 06:11 23 Apr 08

Looks like you have Lop here This sometimes comes with Messenger Plus.At least I think thats what you call it.Check add remove to see if you have it installed.

  birdface 07:01 23 Apr 08

There used to be a removal tool to get rid of it but can't find it.Maybe try SuperantiSpyware or Spybot search and destroy.You may have to turn off your system restore after deleting it to make sure it does not start again when you reboot your compute.

  birdface 07:04 23 Apr 08

I would have thought that Spyware Doctor would have found it.If so switch of your system restore.Reboot and then switch it back on again.

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