Slow wi-fi laptop

  johnpalmer 09:18 05 Nov 06

I have two computers on BT broadband, one PC, and one Laptop connected by the same modem (Wi-Fi for the laptop).

The laptop has become extremley slow in operation recently, and when opening up Outlook Express or the Internet, can take over 30 seconds for the screen to appear.

My PC is virtually instant.

I have all the usual protection on both computers, which are both less than a year old (both are Dell), Firewall, Norton Antivirus, Spyware Doctor, Ewido, A Squared, No Adware.

The Windows Task Manager on the laptop sometimes shows 100% CPU usage, when no obvious aplications are running.

Both connections to the internet are blisteringly fast (8 Mbps), and perform the same when I've tested the download/upload on the DSL Reports website.

Any ideas anybody

  Technotiger 09:30 05 Nov 06

Hi, perhaps all the laptop needs is a little bit of disk maintenanace - i.e. In IE Delete Cookies, Delete Files - run Desktop clean-up wizard, run Adaware RegScrub for starters. Hope that helps.


  FreeCell 10:48 05 Nov 06

Run Defrag Analyser on both and see if the laptop needs defragging. Usually being smaller hard drives they get to the point of benefitting from a defrag sooner.

  dms05 10:53 05 Nov 06

Does the laptop perform the same with/without the WiFi connection active? If it does then I agree, clean up the laptop and remove cookies etc, then start again. If it doesn't then what sort of signal strength is the laptop receiving? Does the laptop perform the same if it's connected by a LAN cable rather than WiFi.

  johnpalmer 11:12 05 Nov 06

Thanks for the responses. I will try all the suggestions.

The laptop is in fact faster online than the PC, so no problems once everything starts.

It is the opening up of applications that is very slow

  postie24 15:44 05 Nov 06

Try a clean up with this click here

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