slow video in browser

  bemuzed 21:41 PM 21 Oct 11

When I watch video in a browser such as youtube it is OK for 1-2 minutes then gets jumpy for about 30 secs and restarts. Task Manager shows that jumpy video coincides with CPU usage jumping to 100%, but I cannot see any application or Process causing this jump. Happens with Firefox and Chrome.

  rdave13 22:00 PM 21 Oct 11

Are you updated to the latest flash player, Adobe.

  johnnyrocker 22:12 PM 21 Oct 11

what connection speed have you and anything else running at the same time?


  bemuzed 08:09 AM 22 Oct 11

Adobe is up to date and internet speed is 3Mbps. It plays DVDs OK.

  Terry Brown 09:35 AM 22 Oct 11

At 3 Mbs, I assume that is the Maximum speed, which is rather slow for Video watching, escecially if the video's are in a High defination format. DVD's are a different subject as they run via the Processor & graphic card and do not rely on an external source.

It seems that the automatic quality control ( adjust video input to match your computer) has been upgraded and you now have to set it yourself.

Have a look at link for further advice.,or.rgc.rpw.,cf.osb&fp=6070734588b6ef9b&biw=1024&bih=535



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