Slow typing

  SparkyJack 02 May 12

In trying to clean up and speed up a desktop PC - it got worse - so the owner reports. She says- ' When typing an E-mail into Inredimail- the text on screen will either not appear - or sill appear after tying in a rush or even appear with whole sentences missing .'

I wonder however is this not more to do with the Internet connection being slow rather than the machine? What do you all think?

  mgmcc 02 May 12

Unless a "web-based" email service is being used, any typing into the editor of an email program is done only in the local machine. It wouldn't necessarily need to be connected to the internet until the message was being sent, so her problem isn't internet based.

When the problem is present, she should have a look in Task Manager to see if something is using an excessive amount of the CPU resources. If the CPU is running at 100%, then there is an issue with an application which leaves no resources to do anything else, hence the unresponsive typing.

  northumbria61 02 May 12

It is sometimes an "unresponsive" Incredimail problem. You can go to Control Panel - Program & Features - Incredimail - instead of uninstall you should get the option to repair.

  northumbria61 02 May 12

Or in the case of Windows 7 when you select uninstall it will give you the option to Upgrade.

  spuds 02 May 12

I would say the problem is more down to Incredimail. It does have its quirks at time, and this is probably one of them?.

I and a number of my friends use to have Incredimail, because it was fun, but after time, and a few problems, most of us no longer use this program.

If she doesn't experience the same lag when typing locally in e.g. Word, it would seem to point to an Incredimail or web connection problem rather than a PC performance problem.

  SparkyJack 02 May 12

Thank you All your thoughts confirm my own Slow Internet and quirky Webmail server.


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