slow startup after installing xp pro

  skaria 11:11 06 Feb 05

hi everyone,
i have recently installed windoes xp pro sp2 on my dell dimension 8250, and have just installed the same programs as i had when i had win xp home sp2, but the startup from when it reaches the welcome screen is a lot slower, from 5 seconds to now 15 seconds. i have doen adaware, spyware and virus scans, and also tried bootvis. i have even looked at my startup files. is there any solutiopn to this, or is xp pro generally a LOT slower than home. Thanks in Advance,

  JonnyTub 11:14 06 Feb 05

List what's in your startup.

click on start, run, type 'msconfig' and hit enter.

Go to the startup tab and make a note of what's listed and checked to to startup.

post them here

  skaria 11:45 06 Feb 05

thanks, here they are:
navapw32 - norton internet security
itcm00c - not sure
sndmon - symantec something
gcasserv - microsoft antispyware
thanks again
hope you can help

  SANTOS7 11:48 06 Feb 05

there is a suggestion that you need to defrag your HDD after an SP2 install as it changes your file system which may slow your pc down

  JonnyTub 11:50 06 Feb 05

I'd agree with santos7, your startup entries wouldn't explain a long boot time. Unless there are problems with norton

  skaria 13:24 06 Feb 05

thanks for that, i have already defraged. i think norton is working fine, as it has not shown any prolems. any ideas??? thanks in advance. skaria

  AndySD 13:54 06 Feb 05

did you use bootvis to speed up your start or did you get it to log the start?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:59 06 Feb 05

Personally I would uninstall Norton.


  jack 14:02 06 Feb 05

This topic has been broached many times previously
Much thought has gone into the why and wherefores
Even after removing SP2 in my case matters did not improve- though it can be variable.
As far As I am aware no conclusions or remedies have be reached.
The guess is the various protective measures in place are having a good look through the disk before allowing boot up.

  SANTOS7 14:18 06 Feb 05

I think you have hit the nail on the screw matey especially if you have AV/SPYWARE tools maybe scanning on startup maybe a fair test is to turn off all related progs and see if it makes any differance.........

  skaria 15:18 06 Feb 05

thanks, okay ill try all that and get back to you

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