Slow speed of wi-fi

  ZootHornRollo 18:17 20 Jan 07

I have recently moved to wirelss - - with a BT Home Hub Router - and until the last few days it was fine. Now it has started slowing down considerably. Web pages take an age to load and downloads are very slow.
I have have run the BT Broadband diagnostics tool, followed its advice re clearing out the recycle bin and so on but that has not helped speed things up. Have tried system restore also but again no change to speeds.

It all started slowing down when we had the storms a couple of days ago but I can't see that having any effect. Or am I wrong?

Any suggestions on how to restore the speed?

  imacd 18:20 20 Jan 07

I have had results by turning all the kit off for a minute or two and then starting up again. I don't have BT home hub, but it helped with my wireless router.

  Technotiger 20:03 20 Jan 07

Yes, disconnecting power from router for ten seconds, then reconnecting usually resets the router - works in quite a few cases.

  ZootHornRollo 20:27 20 Jan 07

tried disconnecting the router and rebooted my laptop as well for good measure. No change though I'm afraid

  Dipso 22:17 20 Jan 07

The thunderstorm have probably had an adverse effect on your connection. If the noise levels on your line were affected which is common during storms, this could have caused your line to resync lower (slower connection speed) or your profile could have been affected (the speed at which you can download at).

If this has happened it should take no more than 3 days for your profile to update automatically to what it was previously.

If you don't see any improvements after 3 days post back.

  Dipso 22:21 20 Jan 07

For future ref. it's advisable to switch off the router if you know there are storms in the area to try snd prevent this from happening.

  ZootHornRollo 22:10 25 Jan 07

Followed Dipso's advice. Problem seems to have gone away and speed is back to normal.

Thanks for the advice

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