Slow Router Start-up

  mowthecat 18:40 15 Nov 06

Since adding a wireless modem router to my broadband connection, the PC takes about 3-4 minutes to go online after booting up. Why does this happen when it was virtually instant on the normal modem? Is there anything that can be done about it?

  Cymro. 14:45 16 Nov 06

I think that whoever answers your question will want to know more details, name of modem + I.S.P. etc.
Sorry but it is all too much for me anyway.

  oldbeefer2 14:56 16 Nov 06

I thought routers were 'always on', as opposed to modems which turn off with the computer. Mine certainly is and, when the computer is booted up, connection is established straight away.

  Cymro. 15:19 16 Nov 06

I suspect that what you say is right, most people do leave their computers and routers on all the time but with more and more people going in for laptops and so switching them off when finished so as to put them away for the night etc. re-connection can be more of a problem for them.

  mowthecat 15:34 16 Nov 06

Even when the router is left on, it still takes a few minutes to establish a connection to my PC. Could this be setting up the various network protocols between the PC and router?

  Ashrich 21:51 16 Nov 06

It may be slow getting an IP address , how is it attached ? Is it by Ethernet ( like you would with a main PC ) or wireless ( like a laptop ) , have you been through all the settings for the network connections ? Is it an older PC or a new(ish) one ...


  mowthecat 08:08 17 Nov 06

It's the main PC connected by ethernet. The PC is not that new, it's a AMD2400 with 512MB RAM running XP SP2 but seems fairly fast to me. What basic Protocols and clients need to be installed?

  Ashrich 18:28 17 Nov 06

Client for Microsoft Networks , File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Network ( if you wish to share )QoS Packet Scheduler and Internet Protocol ( TCP/IP )


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