Slow response & locking computer

  Smiler 19:00 08 Sep 03

A friend has a computer Athlon 800, Win ME, 128MB Ram, 20GB Hard Disk, 32MB geforce graphics card. Runs Adobe Photoshop 7. He's getting problems with slow response and locking up. Can anyone offer advice please?

  LAP 19:12 08 Sep 03

Has he had a good clear out recently. waste bin -cookies - old progs no longer used. Any software added recently that maybe causing, conflict?

  Smiler 19:22 08 Sep 03

Says he does frequent defrags, doesnt use computer for anything other than photo enhancement. Also moves most of his photo files over to CD frequently as well, hard disk only one third used.

  Ronnie-323427 19:25 08 Sep 03

Check with the Task Manager(Ctrl-Alt-Del) see if any progs are running to slow it down.
Don't end any tasks unless you know what it is

  Francis 20:51 08 Sep 03

A friend has the same thing going on. I have virus-scanned and it was clear. I removed some spyware with some difficulty, using ad-aware (fantastic bit of software this). Still 'having a good think' before completing some operations. Looked at system information and found that about 200Mb of the 256Mb ram is in use, but then it is the same on my PC and I don't have this problem.
There is some other software (like from the digital camera) loading, but I would appreciate it if anyone recognises this one. I'm runnig out of ideas.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:20 08 Sep 03

he may like to consider wiping the HD and reformatting. I usually find this is the best here.

If he wants to go this route then post here and you will get oodles of help.


  Smiler 19:02 09 Sep 03

Don't think he would be too happy clearing HDD.
Does anyon agree with my thought that it might be either main RAM shortage or video ram shortage?

  richierich 19:57 09 Sep 03

photoshop 7 really needs at least 256mb ram to get going, specially with larger picture files

  Francis 21:04 09 Sep 03

One other thing I forgot to mention ws that it is not possible to run Windows Update - it always comes up with an error. Does that give any clues?

  Smiler 19:40 10 Sep 03

No other suggestions then?

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