slow progress on internet/ebay

  svet 22:01 28 Dec 03

i surf the net like most folks out there but recently when i go on to the ebay site my system slows up and takes ages to follow commands.
example:-scrolling down pages using keyboard or mouse.
it always used to be ok but the last couple of weeks its slowed up,

using normal programs like word/excel etc are ok,no problems, just on the net esp ebay does the trouble start.

  Diodorus Siculus 22:33 28 Dec 03

Try clearing out temp internet files and see if it helps.

  svet 22:39 28 Dec 03

i've tried doing that and it makes no difference,
but thanks for the comment

  lpl56407 13:33 30 Dec 03

Does it take much longer than usual for the initial web page to download?

  svet 14:12 30 Dec 03

No,just the normal.The problem is the time the PC takes to respond to any instructions.


  lpl56407 03:24 31 Dec 03

Have you checked for spyware and malware?

  svet 18:54 31 Dec 03

no,but then I don't know what I'm looking for,is this some kind of virus?

  lpl56407 05:12 02 Jan 04

To find out more just do a Google search for spyware and malware. You will find lots of free downloads to check your PC and remove 'the stuff'.
I use Ad-Aware from Lavasoft but others are as good.
Not saying that this will fix your problem but it will eliminate something.

  svet 19:24 02 Jan 04

thanx for that i'll give it a try and let u know

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