Slow Pipex / Talk talk

  john bunyan 05 Dec 11

My up to 8 Mbps (usually get 8!) from Pipex / Talk Talk has suddenly dropped tonight to 0.18Mbps - I have sent an e Mail as this happened in Sept. Ayone else having problems with them tonight?

  northumbria61 05 Dec 11
  Ventad 06 Dec 11

I had this went on to the members forum and after about two days as the OCE;s work through they alter the db from the default 12 to 6db and work with you to get it right, once you have put it there do not add any thing (except by editing) as you will go to the back of the list again. Leave your router on all the time so that they can work on it when you are not on the computer.

  Ventad 06 Dec 11

PS, I was 9-10Mbs on PIPEX Now averaging 12.3Mbs but talktalk are LLU in my exchange. and I had dropped to below 9Mbs on switchover they do work through the list takes a couple of days to get to you.

  john bunyan 06 Dec 11

northumbria61*Thanks for the link - bookmarked. My area not on it.* Ventad. They replied overnight and , mysteriously the speed has improved to 8Mbps. They will not admit it but I suspect a temporary glitch at the exchange. Thanks for your reply.


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