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Slow pc bottleneck?

  the kopite 10:00 21 Aug 04

Hi Guys I have just put this comp together the specs are not great but I think it should perform better mb elite k7vta3 ver.1 duron 1600 512mb crucial 3200 memory nivida mx440 agp 8 128memory graphics card liteon cd rewriter samsung dvd creative soundblaster 4-1 card is it the motherboard causing the slowdown as the agp is only rated at agp 4 any advice would be appreciated thanks kopite

  the kopite 16:13 21 Aug 04


  woodchip 16:18 21 Aug 04

No it's duron 1600. Put a Athlon in

  dagwoood 22:35 21 Aug 04

Further to woodchips posting, you would be better putting an Athlon cpu in, preferably with a barton core(Athlon XP 2500+ and upwards).

The 2500's have come down in price over the past few months and you could pick an OEM one up for around 50 quid, or a 2600+ for a little bit more. With the memory you have, there'd be no compatibility issues with regards to speed.

As to AGP, there's not that much difference in performance if the speeds set at x4 or x8. A card that can accelerate graphics x8 will have no problem running on a system where the motherboard only supports x4.

HTH, dagwoood.

  woodchip 22:39 21 Aug 04

A barton will not work in a Duron socket I don't think. it would have to be the old xp cpu

  dagwoood 23:06 21 Aug 04

Your right. Spot the dork!

Got it in my head, Duron=Socket A, Athlon=Socket A, not thinking what the motherboard is actualy capable of supporting.


  dagwoood 23:14 21 Aug 04

Sorry for the bum stear with regards to what cpu you should try :-(

I'm right about the AGP settings though(famous last words).


  the kopite 07:08 22 Aug 04

Thanks Guys For the quick response I will go for the ahlon xp 2500 OR The 2800 though the manual just says supports duron athlon there does not seem to be any restrictions on which speed athlon xp to use so do you reckon a 2500 will be ok or a 2800 Thanks again guys kopite

  the kopite 07:14 22 Aug 04

Sorry Guys its early in the morning I just re read my post Woodchip are you saying a barton chip will not work if so m8 what speed xp thouroughbread do you recommend sorry about the double posting guys and thanks again kopite

  AndySD 07:17 22 Aug 04
  woodchip 14:51 22 Aug 04

It depends on the Bus speed that the motherboard supports click here

click here

and some info click here

and from ecs click here

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