Slow Norton Anti-Virus Scan.

  Dagwoood 16:52 18 Feb 04

For no apparent reason my full system virus scans have started to take a lot longer(i.e.used to take six minutes, now take twelve minutes plus).
I have looked on the symantec site for help but found nothing relevant.
I have checked on task manager if there are any other processes running but there aren't and my number of files scanned and disk space usage are the same.

There are no virii(?) or spy/adware on my system.

Any help/advice would be appreciated.

Windows xp pro, xp2400+, 512ddr, 10gb seagate hd, norton antivirus 2002.

  eddie937 17:05 18 Feb 04

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i have a laptop with a p4 2.6ghz 512mb ram ,a 40gb hard drive and i use norton anti-virus 2004,when i do a scan it takes nearly half an hour to complete and has scanned 110,000 files,so depending on how many files it scans it might not be to long,i would be curious to hear from other people because i thought mine was quite long also

  Dagwoood 18:24 18 Feb 04

Further to your posting, the scan only scans just under 20,000 files that take up 2.5gb of hard disk space.

  Dagwoood 21:30 18 Feb 04


  gudgulf 23:50 18 Feb 04

Norton Av takes around an hour on my pc----Almost 700,000 files!!!

I'm afraid that you'll just have to accept that whilst thorough it is not the fastest scanner around.Having said that,12 minutes---WOW

  Tog 07:31 19 Feb 04

There is an option which decides what level of heuristic scanning takes place (looks for code or activity that may resemble a virus "pattern"). The higher the setting, the longer it takes.
With everything set to max and nothing running in the background, 40Gb of data on a Celery633, 98SE machine with 256Mb of memory takes 24 minutes.

If you have anything running in the background, accessing files, the virus scan will take longer.

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