Slow Link-Up to the Web.

  silklink2 08:36 25 Apr 04

Problem@ Slow Link-up to the Web.

My computer seems to be very, very slow in linking up to the internet. It takes about 4-6 minutes before it 'connects' and I see my anything on my browser (I use internet explorer)

Initially, I had thought it was due to my using
56 kbs. dial-up speed. But now, even after I have converted to Broadband, it is still almost
as slow initially to connect. It is fast after the initial very slow link-up. When I click the
'Speedtouch Connection' box for broadband, although it says I am connected to the internet, it still takes a few minutes before I can see anything on the browser. It is just as slow when I tried to open my email (Outlook Express).

I have a HP Pavilion 7934, 1.5GHz, 128 MB, 30GVBs, and I use Windows XP. I also use
Norton Systemworks and Norton Firewall

Hope someone can help.

Jeffrey, alias Silklink2

  Diodorus Siculus 10:40 25 Apr 04

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  spuds 11:00 25 Apr 04

If you are using the Thomson SpeedTouch 330 with a AMD K7 motherboard in your computer, then there could be a configuration problem here. I have a similar [on occassions]slow and sometimes dropped connections. Thomson Support are aware of this problem,and their advice is a bit unsure at present.I intend eventually to upgrade my mobo.

Another route that I tried was click here This is for WME/98 but it may give further help.

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