Slow internet speed

  ponytail 14 Aug 11

My PC is running very slow at the moment and not sure what to do.Have just run this program and the results as follows Download 8616 kbps,9304 kbps and 8672 kbps Upload 564 kbps,614 kbps ans 699 kbps what do those figures signify.It took me nearly five minutes to get into PCA.I have run CC Cleaner and I use bullguard.How do I get rid of the temporary files and where do I find them.

  Nontek 14 Aug 11

Many people would consider those broadband speeds as very good, considering that some would even think 2000 kbps was OK - all depends on type of connection and distance from exchange among other things.

What is your speed supposed to be according to your ISP?

I have recently upgraded my broadband to BT Infinity and am now getting constant speeds in excess of 37Mbps - before upgrading I thought my 1.9Mb was pretty good!

I don't use Ccleaner, but I thought Ccleaner cleared temp files! Or you could go to Tools and Internet Options in I.E. to clear temp files.

  buteman 14 Aug 11

PCA has been running slow again tonight so not your computers fault,

Looks like you are getting some fairly good upload and download speeds.

  ams4127 14 Aug 11

I agree totally with the the two previous posters.

PCA has become a real pain as far as accessing it is concerned.

  woodchip 14 Aug 11

PCA site came to dead end hear about 1 hour ago. its not you. I have about the same speed, may be a bit faster. But it was PCA site but its not too bad now

  ponytail 14 Aug 11

Hi Nontek I should be getting 8 meg But PCA seems better now

  Nontek 15 Aug 11

Good, then you don't really have a problem.


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