slow internet connection

  tartanpig 10:16 13 Jun 03

I am on Online uk Opensurf and I find that it takes 3 or 4 times to connect and is very slow (33bps)when connected. It quite often breaks the connection - it is very frustrating. If I switch to their pay as you go or over to Freeserve it connects first time and I get 45 bsi (Broadband is not available in my area).

The opensurf fee is up for renewal in August 03. Any suggestions on where I can get a reliable fast Internet provider

  rita111 10:35 13 Jun 03

try ntl world freedom package,on line

  Skeletor 11:45 13 Jun 03

Do you have other things, i.e fax, answer machine or even a telephone connected on the same line? I had exactly the same problem (33.3Kbps when the telephone/answer machine was connected). When I disconnected everything else prior to connecting to the internetI got 46.6Kbps which seemed to effectively more than double the time it took to access pages.

  Stuartli 13:59 13 Jun 03

If you dial 17070 on your telephone you can check to see if you have a noisy line - listen to the menu options and choose Option Two. It's free by the way.

A noisy line will reduce ISP speeds.

I have a cordless phone, two extensions, an answering machine and the modem in use on my (fairly ancient) BT system without any problems - average speed is 49.3kbps with Tiscali and 52kbps with Pipex on dial up connections.

The only work BT has had to do on my line was about six weeks ago which was due to an earthing problem in their section. It reduced connection speeds dramatically and BT checked my system from the exchange, which included having to disconnect all phones etc during the test.

As a result a BT engineer spent two hours completely rewiring the system from the house box (on the front of my property) to the master socket, running it under the floorboards rather than under the skirting board; he also provided the very latest master socket box and several other useful improvements.

Because the problem originated in BT's section I did not have to pay the £50 plus VAT charge which normally would have been made.

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