baldyx 21:18 07 Jun 04

My internet access suddenly is very slow. I am using dialup modem.
In the task manager, there is a process SYMPROXYSVC.EXE running with heavy cpu usage. Is this processs required ?
There is no memory problem.


  ahales42 21:22 07 Jun 04

check this click here

  GaT7 21:34 07 Jun 04

Or click here.

"If you are running NIS 2002, NPF 2002, or Norton Internet Security 2002 Professional Edition (NIS Pro) and the startup problems continue or you notice a decrease in browsing speed, then change the Windows load time for SymProxySvc.exe (SymPxSvc.exe for NIS Professional) and Nisserv.exe." Iinstructions are on the site. Good luck, G

  baldyx 11:59 10 Jun 04

I have changed the loading of the Norton products e.g, firewall etc from Automatic to Manual. This has not improved performnance.

Also did a Symnatec scan of the computer which has reported one port 113(Ident / Authentication. This service is required by some mail, news, or relay chat servers to allow access. A stealth result on this port could cause performance problems.).

Will the change from 'Stealth' to 'Close' of this port improve performance? If so how can I change it? I cannot find this port in Control panel. I use Windows XP.

  GaT7 14:43 10 Jun 04

So you tried changing the startup sequence for SymProxySvc.exe and Nisserv.exe, as provided by my link above & still no joy?

Try asking Symantec support directly how to rectify these problems - click here. If you haven't used their system before, click on 'start free online support' on the above link & follow the onscreen instructions. You'll finally be presented with a form to enter all the necessary details including a description of your problems. Be as specific, articulate & detailed as you can be as sometimes they badly misunderstand the key issues & give you the wrong solutions! Also if you're sure you did EXACTLY as detailed in the above link, provide them with the link & mention that you've already tried it to no avail. From personal experience they usually reply within 1-3 working days. Keep us posted. Good luck, G

  baldyx 15:04 11 Jun 04

Thanks to Crossbow7. Unfortunately, the version 2002 of NPF is not supported by symantec. However I am going thru their Support Knowledgebase for any suggestions.

  GaT7 00:29 12 Jun 04

baldyx, any progress so far?

I found this: SymProxySvc.exe shows high CPU usage - click here

  baldyx 01:42 13 Jun 04

I have changed the NFP 2000 startup status to 'MANUAL' from 'Run AT Startup' from within the NFP 2000 'option'. (Previously was done from the Control panel-Administration-Services, which did not work!!). Now the SymProxySvc.exe uses 0% Cpu (!!) and the internet access is a lot better.
However, now if I don't remember to Enable the NFP manually after the system has started, the computer is not protected. So I wish to ( but don't know how ?) to automate this process so that the NFP is enabled without me doing it manually.

Any help will be appreciated.

  GaT7 16:19 13 Jun 04

Have you tried a manual update as suggested by my link above? After update (if applicable) re-enable NPF to run at startup. G

  baldyx 14:35 16 Jun 04

Yes ,i have tried manual update.
May be the problem is not sysproxysvc.exe because
now the internet access is sometime faster than before and slows down sometime. I am confused about it all and so closing this .

  GaT7 15:24 16 Jun 04

May be your ISP? My Internet connection is quick/slow depending upon the time of day - usually slower during 'peak' times as more people are accesssing it. Does this seem to be the case with you?

You could also try a repair of IE & see if that helps. click here if you need to know how.

Other possible factors for slow Internet access - click here. Also, sometimes dodgy software/installs, Windows updates & spyware/viruses can also play a role. Did you notice this slow down after a recent software install or Win update? You do have all your Windows security/critical updates installed, don't you?

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