slow hp desktop

  Bob 11:04 31 Mar 03

Hi .
I bought n HP desktop at Christmas, it is running xp home but seems very slow, every time i go into my computer the hour glass comes up whilst it is thinking about what to do!!! it has 126 DDR memory is this enough? NOT to allow the hour glass to show

  Lozzy 11:06 31 Mar 03

For XP you really should have a min of 256 ram 512 is better.

  Lozzy 11:13 31 Mar 03

Also try running disk Clean-up by clicking start>>all programs>>accessories>>system tools>>disk clean up make sure you have all the boxes ticked. Also clean out (empty) your temp folder and Temp internet folder. There is also a free utility called Clean UP its very good at cleaning out all the hidden temp folders within XP click here

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