K*B 07:46 17 Jun 10

Hello Friends, what do I do about a very slow gmail account on my Windows Vista Home Basic (OS) laptop? Sometimes it even fails to open mail. At other times it refuses to open the reply page for me to send replies. Usually when the system detects that gmail is so low, it suggests that I open with basic HTML but that is limited, isn't it? I need to get gmail working better and faster. Please help. Thanks.

  Im a diddy 07:52 17 Jun 10

at the bottom ogmail page,there are some options to play around with.
I.E turn off chat,turn off buzz,older version etc.
I have chat and buzz turned off,standard view and new version and it loads fine for example.

  K*B 12:19 17 Jun 10

Thanks, Im a diddy, but where exactly at the bottom of the gmail page? I can't find them. Yes, I can see "chat" on the left of the gmail page, but how do I make changes to it, and the others? Thanks.

  gengiscant 12:36 17 Jun 10

Have a look in settings, upper right hand corner.You can disable buzz from there amongst other things.

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