Slow Download Speed Problem, Please Help

  realm 10:49 06 Oct 05

I have 512k broadband, which usually d/loaded at 60k a sec. After about 10 months, I noticed it began downloading at a speed of 5-6k a sec (very very slow!!). This isn't because of any p2p software being on or even installed.
It downloads updates from microsoft and norton at the normal fast speed (about 60k a sec)but from most sites including, it d/loads at 5 k a sec. I have ran spyware scans, virus scans yet nothing has fixed it.

Does anybody have any idea how to fix this?
Webpages load instantly. But when d/loading from other pcs and most sites, it is 5k a sec. This isn't because of the other pc bandwith either. Even when i d/load from a 2meg bandwith it is 5k a sec.


  Chegs ® 10:55 06 Oct 05

Whose your ISP,get them to run a check from their end.I'm unable to suggest a cure,as you state your d/l off MS site is normal.

  realm 11:05 06 Oct 05

i contacted tiscali but they really are useless.
they said they ran tests but they didnt sound like they knew what they were doing...and while i was on phone to them, i got cut off!!

  Thomo1 22:53 06 Oct 05

i directed this persons problem to this site so ill bump it up in the hope some1 can help solve it that has missed it.

  woodchip 22:57 06 Oct 05

I would say this is your ISP tiscali that's doing it

  woodchip 22:58 06 Oct 05

Have you been doing a lot of downloads or big downloads?

  Thomo1 23:06 06 Oct 05

i have just sent him a PM on another forum that i sent him from (football forum) and he is not online but im sure he will answer when he logs on again.

  realm 00:12 07 Oct 05

i used to download stuff all the time yeah.
episodes of tv shows etc which took up the wholeconnection.

any ideas?

  DieSse 00:30 07 Oct 05

If some sites, and the web in general operate at high speed, then slow speeds from some sites are due to the sites, not your system.

Your braodband and system cannot tell what sites the data is coming from, so it must just be getting to you slowly.

  realm 07:58 07 Oct 05

no i download everythin through kazaa (i know its not recomended but it hasnt given me any probs for 11months). even using msn it downloads at 5k! even with kazaa uninstalled.
yet on my DSL status bar, it clearly shows that the webpages are loaded at 60k a sec. so browsing isnt a problem, it simply is downloading frm most sites and peer 2 peer. I dont download anything now and yet when i download one file it is a t 5k a sec.

  Chegs ® 10:28 07 Oct 05

It might be Tiscali's "Fair Usage Policy"

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