Slow Down?

  mads 14:10 07 Mar 04


After a recent upgrade of my motherboard/CPU/RAM/Moniter/graphics card all was well... Very quick and smooth... now though There seems to be a bit of slow down on the screen, in that lets say if you are moving the mouse pointer across the screen it sometimes (kind of holds back) then jumps across the screen... Same if I am playing games and also if just surfing the net or doing anything actually.

The Screen is a LG Flatron l1710s (uptodate driver installed and set at 75hz. The motherboard is Microstar 875pNeo. The RAM is 2 x 512 PC 3400 (ithink) and the processor is a p4 2.6ghz. The graphics card is a Nvidea gforce 5200 (128mb). Now the drivers are uptodate on the moniter and graphics card.... but I wonder if it could be anything else????

Pleas help

  expertec 14:11 07 Mar 04

Have you done virus and spyware scans?

  mads 14:15 07 Mar 04

Virus yes.. Spyware no... I have just downloaded Adaware and spybot and will run in a mo!

I will report back!

  expertec 14:16 07 Mar 04

Great! Make sure you update them before you scan though

  mads 14:52 07 Mar 04

nope.... Thanks for the hints but it has not made any difference! I also notice now that it also interupts sounds and music also.......

What is going on in the world?

  expertec 15:07 07 Mar 04

You are running windows XP?

  hector 911 15:12 07 Mar 04

what anti-virus software are you using.

  mads 16:12 07 Mar 04

in response...

Running XP Home/SP1

Anti Virus is my PC Cillin

Does this help?

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 16:15 07 Mar 04

Could be the real time scan of pc-cillin scaning files when you surf or move mouse over them.


  KwaK 16:17 07 Mar 04

I have Windows Me 384meg ram. I have done virus and spyware scans, nothing detected.

Started within the last week.

  mads 16:18 07 Mar 04

i will disable and report back!


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