Slow computer!

  willber 14:44 11 Apr 06

i recived a new laptop for last christmas and it worked perfectly, but ever since then it has been gradually slowing down and now i could do with some advice on how to make it work to its origional standard again, so any advice?,

thanx, will

  Jimmy14 14:46 11 Apr 06

Can you tell me the spec of your laptop please and have you got anti-virus software, defragmneted your hdd yet or used disk cleanup since you got it.


  rawprawn 14:47 11 Apr 06

Download and run CCleaner click here
Then have a look in msconfig/Start and see if you relly need everything there to start.

  €dstowe 14:48 11 Apr 06

A defragmentation would help (Look in the Help & Support section of your start menu).

Also, clean out the rubbish with ccleaner - download and have a look click here

These are for starters and you should see a big increase in performance. Come back here if you need more.

  willber 15:41 11 Apr 06

thanx ill give ccleaner a try

  willber 16:21 11 Apr 06

i gave ccleaner a try nd it hasent really helped although the startup was faster! i have defragmented a few times since ive had the laptop, my norton antivirus suscripton has run out but it stil scans, i hav a 40gig hdd and 246mb ram,


  Jimmy14 16:29 11 Apr 06

ok but do you have alot of programs installed and store alot of music,videos or docuuments on it.
If you do the ram would probably need upgraded to at least 512mb to cope with it all.
The reason your laptop was working fine like any when you got it was because there was hardly anything installed or files or anything on it until you started to put them on it then it would slow it down.

  spuds 17:12 11 Apr 06

If you have been loading a lot of programmes, then a problem may need checking there. Some programmes can be be heavy on usage, especially with a laptop that only as 246 of ram.

  woodchip 17:18 11 Apr 06

I Have just loaded this

Just loaded PC Booster off of a Computer Shopper Mag. And the Programs on My Laptop All load miles faster. It as given my laptop a new lease of life. click here

I just ran the Auto Wisard bur there are many manual settings to choose from I may have a go at some of these as I am more than satisfied with what it as done.

PS I am not normally one for these kind of programs but I am sure this does work.

It also optimises RAM, Including releasing unused Program RAM not being used

  willber 17:37 11 Apr 06

yeh i do hav alot of music and vids so i think thats probs the problem i will try and upgrade to a higher ram, my brother has a dell with 1024mb ram and his gr8, i will try pc booster, thanks alot for all your help.


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